Well, I'm not really sure it'll be a good year for me, but we can only hope right? Hope that everything comes through for me. That the FDA and whoever else approves the filter I need so I can get my stem cell procedure done. That it happens quickly so I'm not in the hospital for my birthday. That I don't lose my hair. That I don't die or have a bad reaction. That I don't have to be in the hospital for very long. That God will be with me and my family every step of the way and protect me. And that this will cure me from my M.G. I know that's a lot to ask but it'd be nice for at least one thing to go right in my life. I hope this year is amazing for everyone else, may God bless you in every way possible! And if you could throw in a little prayer for me, I'd appreciate it very much!
Faith, Hope and Love in Christ,