Well, I'm supposed to be getting my stem cell transplant in December now! Hopefully sooner, I really want to get it done so I can get better. I appreciate everyone that has been praying for me, it means so very much to me. This has been a really hard year for me, I've already been in the hospital 4 times this year and there will be more, especially if I run out of pain meds and/or when I go into the hospital for my stem cell transplant. Please pray for me to get my stem cell transplant soon and that it would go amazingly well! I want to be healthy more than anything, except following God's will, that's always first. Please pray for continued health and that my insurance would get things sorted out and actually do their job, so that the people that have it won't have to suffer anymore. Thanks for everything, God Bless!

Faith, Hope and Love in Christ ~ Arwyn